1. 2-ethylene thiourea (ethylene thiourea)

ETU(NA-22)-80GE/F120-Thiourea accelerators  CHEMICAL NAME: 1,2-ethylene thiourea (ethylene thiourea)COMPOSITION:1,2-ethylene thiourea (ethylene thiourea)80±1%EPDM+OiL+Dispersant20±1%MOLECULAR FORMULA:C3H6N2SCHEMICAL STRUCTURE:CAS NO:96-45-7QUALITY STANDARD:Product Description  Raw Material Descriptio

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ETU(NA-22)-80GE/F120-Thiourea accelerators
CHEMICAL NAME: 1,2-ethylene thiourea (ethylene thiourea)
1,2-ethylene thiourea (ethylene thiourea)80±1%
CHEMICAL STRUCTURE:1, 2-Ethylene Thiourea (ethylene thiourea)
Product Description  Raw Material Description  
AppearanceLight Yellow granule
Density(g/cm3): 1.28±0.04Initial M.P.(active DPG) ºC≥ 190.0
Mooney viscosity,ML(1+4)at50°C:45±10Loss on drying %≤0.3
Filtration process(Mesh/pm) 120mesh/120μmAsh content%≤ 0.3
Density(g/cm3)Approx 1.15Residue(150μm),%≤ 0.1
White crystal powder, Little bitter, Density is 2.00.Soluble in alcohol, lightly soluble in water. No pouation to final products, stabilization storage. 
  1. As a general promoter for CR, CSM, CPE products;
  2. In the non-sulfur modified chloroprene rubber vulcanization system, zinc oxide and magnesium oxide are generally used as the vulcanizing agent and the vulcanization performance is better;
  3. Low sulfur or sulfur-free vulcanization of other diene rubbers can be used as activators and secondary accelerators;
  4. ETU-80GE is a pre-dispersed masterbatch, easy weighing, processing does not fly, does not leak, taste is small, is conducive to the health of employees; easy to disperse, no loss, to ensure the stability of vulcanized products performance;
  5. Vulcanizates have high tensile stress, small compression deformation, good elasticity and heat resistance;
  6. Used in wire, cable, tape, rubber shoes, raincoats and other products.
PACKING&LOADING:Powder,by Co-extruded paper bag lined with PE plastics film ylsch-rbb.en.made-in-china.com weight 20kg;Liquid,by 200kg drum.
SHIPPING MARKS:Neutral export standard. Also can be customized.
Quantity(Metric Tons)1-12-30>30
Est.Time(days)1525to be negotiated
STORAGE VALIDITY:Keep cool (below 25ºC) and dry in original package.12 months from production date.
NOTE: According to customer requirements, different content, different carrier particles or sheet products can be made. Such as DPG-75GE, DPG-80GS and so on.


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